Glass Revolving Doors

AUTOGATE manufactures glass revolving doors in a variety of configurations.

These revolving doors are suitable for streamlining traffic flow and reducing air-conditioning losses.

Represent low security access control.

Available in a range of colours with an option to match corporate colour schemes.

The toughened glass arms do not tarnish or scratch and the high quality finish will withstand continuous and prolonged use even in corrosive atmospheres.

AUTOGATE revolving doors are designed to provide many years of maintenance-free service.


  • Available in single unit to allow : rotation in a single direction, rotation in both directions
  • 3-arm (120°) configuration
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications
  • Low voltage down lighting
  • Manual locking facility
  • Toughened glass frame
  • Toughened glass rotor arms
  • Available with brushed stainless steel or powder coated to colour spec finish
  • Available up to 2.0m diameter
  • Special applications & sizes available on request
  • Silent trouble free operation
  • Passage frequency +-15 persons per minute

Ideal For Use In

  • Administrative buildings
  • Banks
  • Insurance offices
  • Courts
  • Corporate offices
  • Residential buildings
  • Shopping malls
  • Power Supply : No power required
  • Free-standing unit which bolts down onto floor
  • Manual dead bolt locking of revolving door with key
  • Framed laminated glass is available
  • Size can be specified based on requirements
  • Flexible rotor arm design allows for solid or multi section arm construction for the rotor
  • Lighting inside the Glass Revolving Door is an option
  • Glass can be sand blaster with designs or logos
  • Glass can be tinted
  • GUARANTEE : 5 Years unconditional and irrespective of usage level on all mechanical components, 12 months on electrical components, does not include failure due to fire, unstable power supply, power surge or vandalism, includes parts and labour