Vehicle Barriers 12v

AUTOGATE has been manufacturing vehicle access control booms and spike barriers in a variety of configurations for over 30 years.

These booms and barriers have a wide range of applications for vehicle access and traffic flow control.

Housings are available in a range of colours with an option to match corporate colour schemes.

Spike barriers can be retro-fitted to our booms to provide additional security.

The powder coated stainless steel housing and the high quality finish will withstand continuous and prolonged use in hostile environments

Powder coated 3CR12 stainless steel housings are available as an option if required.


  • Available in lengths from 2.0m – 6.0m
  • Poles can be Red & White or Yellow & Black sections
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications
  • Compatible with all access control systems
  • Limits access to authorised vehicles only
  • Can be configured to auto close after vehicles
  • Optional stainless steel, powder coated housing for maximum corrosion protection
  • Can have safety loops and/or beams to prevent boom closing on a vehicle
  • Silent trouble-free operation
  • Passage frequency ±60 vehicles per hour


  • DRIVE : 70 watt
  • GEAR BOX : Worm reduction gearbox
  • SPEED: Fixed ± 3.5 sec
  • MECHANISM: Crank arm and connecting rod producing
    sinusoidal motion control
  • CASING : – Mild Steel, power coated, – Optional 3CR12 stainless steel, (IP55 enclosure for controls).
  • BOOM POLE : 76mm x 1mm diameter aluminium up to 6.0m
  • STOP / NO ENTRY: Road ordinance compliant 450mm dia.
  • ENTRY SIGNS : Reflective Signs Available


  • STAND : Galvanised mild steel painted red and white
  • COUNTER WEIGHT : Cast concrete painted black with lift handle. (for 4 – 6m poles only)
  • LOCKING : Pole can be locked in both vertical and horizontal positions
  • BOOM POLE : Lightweight extruded 76mm x 1 diameter aluminium striped red & white or yellow & black. Max 6.0m
  • POLE REST : Optional pole rest available for poles over 4.0 meters
  • STOP / NO ENTRY SIGNS : Road ordinance compliant 450mm, reflective signs available



Vehicle Barrers 12v Brochure