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Auto-Gate Manufactures & Installs TurnstilesDrop Arm BarriersIndustrial GatesWaist Height TurnstilesVehicle BarriersPortable Access ControlResidential GatesCoin Operated Turnstiles

At AUTO-GATE we Guarantee the quality Manufacture & Installation of our products and services which include the following:

  • Industrial Gates, all manufactured to specification, in our own factory, and hot-dip galvanised.
  • Automation of Industrial Gates.
  • Manufacture of Turnstiles both Full Height & Waist Height, which are supplied nationally and internationally.
  • Manufacture of Glass Turnstiles, “Mantrap” Booths and Special Needs Access Gates.
  • Manufacture of various length Vehicle Boom Barriers and Vehicle Control Spikes.
  • Manufacture of Personnel Drop Arm Barriers.
  • Manufacture of unique, tailor made solutions to specific customer requirements.
  • Delivery of our products, to points of installation nation-wide, is undertaken by our own staff, using our own vehicles.
  • A 12-month guarantee and full Back-up Service is offered on all our products and installations.

Our Products

Full Height Deluxe Turnstiles

Half Height Turnstiles

Vehicle Barriers 220 V

Full Height Slimline Turnstiles

Glass Turnstiles

Mantrap Booths

Full Height Logic Turnstiles

Drop Arm Barriers

Industrial Gate Automation

Coin Operated Turnstiles

Special Needs Gates

Industrial Gate Automation

Waist Height Standard Turnstiles

Vehicle Barriers 12v

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